Assistance Needed with Aspose.Email Library - Error While Sending Email

Hi Team.

I am creating the .msg file using the Aspose.Email library. A sample file is attached to this email.

I encountered the error message below while attempting to send this email file. Could you please look into this issue?
[image] [image] [image]
If we can successfully send the email using the new Outlook version, we are planning to purchase the Aspose.Email license.

Note: We can send emails using a different version of Outlook.

[image] [image]

Thank you for your assistance.
txtSubject.Text(Aspose.Email Evaluation).zip (51.1 KB)
Outlookversion.docx (165.2 KB)

Hello @ashokdar15,

Welcome to the Aspose.Email support forum!
Could you please provide a sample code snippet that you are using to create the message for sending?

Thank you.

   Dim workDir As String = g_DocAccess.WorkingFolder
    Dim msgFilePath As String = Path.Combine(workDir,"EmailWithAttachment.msg")
Dim mailMsg As New MailMessage()
    mailMsg.From = New MailAddress("")
    mailMsg.Subject = "txtSubject.Text"
    mailMsg.Body = "txtBody.Text"
    mailMsg.Attachments.Add(New Attachment("D:\Quote93985.pdf"))
    Dim outlookMsg As MapiMessage = MapiMessage.FromMailMessage(mailMsg)
    outlookMsg.Save(msgFilePath, SaveOptions.DefaultMsgUnicode)

Hello @ashokdar15,

We have opened the investigation ticket in our internal issue tracking system:

Issue ID(s): EMAILNET-41382

Thank you.


Is there any update on the above issue?

Hello @ashokdar15 ,

Your issue will be resolved this week.

Thank you for your patience.