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At least one E-mail Message failed to deliver

I just purchased Aspose.Network (Ver: I am using the BulkSend method sending a collection of mail messages. I have the messages being sent to two (2) valid email addresses for testing purposes, but the method returns "At least one E-mail Message failed to deliver." and does not deliver ANY of the messages in the collection.

Could you please let me know :

1. how and why this error occurs?

2. can I BulkSend to multiple To addresses?

3. Does the entire batch of emails fail if one or more email addresses are bad?

4. Is there a way to find out which email address is causing the error and why? The error message referenced in the subject is not very descriptive.

I quick reply would be appreciated.



Our developer is working on this issue. I will get back to you shortly. Could you please post some of your code here? It could be helpful for the debugging.


1. BulkSend will open threads to send email messages concurrently. If errors are found, the sending cannot be completed, then the exception will throw out like this. For example, one of the email address is invalid.

2. Yes, BulkSend can send to multiple recipants.

3. Yes, the current behavior is that when one or more email addresses are bad, the email message will not be sent. However, the BulkSend will continue to fetch mail messages from the pool (if any) and continue to send out other messages.

4. Yes, you can use SmtpBulkSendAgent to do the BulkSend. The SmtpBulkSendAgent will provide more supports. It contains InnerExceptions property and FailedMessages property, which will store the errors and messages fail to send.

Finally, Could you explain some of your scenarios and post your code here? Therefore, we can make sure we are in the same picture. We will help to provide solutions if any.

Best regards

After interogating through the SmtpFailedBuldSendExceptions innerexceptions I discovered that the Smtp server was sending back a Smtp 550 error on one of the emails. So a word of warning ...... if you have more than one email you run the risk of your message not being sent.

Suggestion for Aspose..... Would it be possible or make sense to send the message to all valid email addresses when an SmtpfailedBulkSendException occurs? You're already sending back the SmtpFailedRecipientException in the innerexceptions collections so we know which emails failed.