Attach inner-document links to existing text


I’m using Aspose.Pdf for .NET. latest version.

Is it possible to update/modify an already existing PDF file and turn some text into the links to another pages inside this PDF? For example, in the first page of the PDF is present a list of contents, but this list is a plain text. I want to add links to appropriate pages for this table of contents without modifying the text, just to attach links to it. Is it possible and if yes, then how?

I’ve investigated the documentation but was unable to find what I need. “Create hyperlink to pages in same PDF” manual shows how create links from scratch in an empty document. “Update Links in a PDF File” is about how to update the already existing link. But I want to update an existing text in order to apply link to this text.

Thanks in advance.

With best regards,
Denis Gvardionov

Hi Denis,

Thanks for contacting support.

As per your requirements, you can perform text search inside PDF file, get the dimensions of searched text and create hyperlink over same location. For more information, please visit

In order to create local links, you may consider using Aspose.Pdf.Facades approach as it requires rectangular dimensions where hyperlink can be added. For more details, please visit Create Local Link in Existing PDF File (Facades)