Attachments are supported by Aspose.Forums


Dear customers,

In the before, reporting a bug or requesting a feature in Aspose.Forums is very messy when you have attachments since Aspose.Forums does not support attachments. You need to post a message in the forums at first then mention you will send a separate email to our developers to include the attachments. Also, in the email you need to include the PostID otherwise our developers may fail to know who is who. Now the mess is over since attachments are supported by Aspose.Forums, thanks to our webmaster, Dave Dai.

When you post a message at AddPost.aspx page, for example,, You can see the attached UI. Click Browse to select your attachments then click Post you can post your attachments to us.

Note. Your attachments can be seen and downloaded by our developers only. No other customers or visitors except you can see or download your attachments. We hope you can feel secured when posting attachments via Aspose.Forums. Please see the following Non Disclosure Statement.

Anyway, we welcome any concerns, suggestions or ideas.


Non Disclosure Statement

We know that from time to time our customers will need to submit documents to us, which contain private data, for the purpose of duplicating a problem. We want to ensure all customers and potential customers that your data is both safe and private. All people working for or on behalf of Aspose have and are required to sign Non Disclosure Agreement stating that any details given to us by our Clients or Members are deemed to be secret and therefore the details entrusted to us shall Not be disclosed or used for any other reason other than the original purpose that they were supplied to us in the first instance and which we understand are the intentions of the original person or parties that supplied them.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office” /><o:p></o:p>


Security is very important to us and we take every step necessary to ensure your data is as safe as our own. If you require any clarification on any points of the above please feel free to email Ben Li and we will be more than glad to provide you with further details.