Attachments not coming through when using GraphClient

I’m working to migrate some existing code to use the Aspose.Email.Clients.Graph.GraphClient email client. I’m finding I’m not seeing attachments sent/delivered when the email is sent. As a troubleshooting step, I’ve saved the email message to disk and can see the attachment. The below represents the code I’m working with. I’ve worked with our IT staff and I can’t see any reason why the attachment would be dropped. Is there something I’m missing? Setting headers, etc.?

                        Attachment myattachment = new Attachment(string.Concat(singlefilename, (docformat ? ".doc" : ".docX")));
                        MailMessage mymessage = new MailMessage();

                        mymessage.To = emailaddress;
                        mymessage.From = fromemail;
                        mymessage.Subject = emailsubject;
                        MapiMessage mm = MapiMessage.FromMailMessage(mymessage);

                        AccessTokenProvider tokenProvider = new AccessTokenProvider(sPWD);
                        IGraphClient msgraphClient = GraphClient.GetClient(tokenProvider, tenantid);
                        msgraphClient.Resource = ResourceType.Users;
                        msgraphClient.ResourceId = fromemail;

Hello @dhmarston,

Thank you for reporting your case. We’ll try to be as helpful as possible, please, specify which version you are using. A similar problem has been fixed in the latest version.