Audio frame problem


I have two questions.

*. First.

I embeded audio frame into a slide. And played slideShow by MS Powerpoint.

The audio has 24seconds play time. But the sound played only one second.

If I right click on the embeded audio shape and select "Play Sound", or the audio frame is linked(not embeded) then the sound is played 24 seconds,

*. Second.

There are something that audio frame stop?

I want to stop the audio sound when slide goes to next slide.

I click or press key to run next animation(in same slide), the audio sound stop.(I don't want!)

Thank you.

My development environment : Windows XP(Korean version), Visual Studio 2005(Korean Version)

Dear readn,

Can you please also attach your audio file? Also, have you embedded the audio via Aspose.Slides or with MS-PowerPoint.?

Dear readn,

I can reproduce this problem, the audio file inside the ppts (including yours) runs fully on MS-PowerPoint 2000 but partially on later versions.

We will fix this as soon as possible.

Please download Aspose.Slides

What’s New:

4534 - Audio plays partially in PowerPoint versions later than 2000. Added AudioFrame.SoundLength property which represents length of embedded wav file in milliseconds. Aspose.Slides doesn’t determine length of wav file by itself, it should be done by host application.