Auto typeset with MathType formula

In our case, we need to reorganize the layout of word document automatically.
Usually, we convert docx to XML using Aspose.word, and render them into output docx basing word template.
Sometimes, there are math formulas (some inline) in the documents, some of them are MS Equation, but some of them are Mathtype formula.
For MS Equation, we can convert them into MathML, and can be rendered in the output document as editable formulas.
But for Mathtype, due to the lacking support of Aspose, how can we transfer the them from the input document to the output document, keeping them as valid Mathtype formula?
The attached files are the samples

1319–1326-output.docx (146.8 KB)
1319–1326-input.docx (176.9 KB)


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