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Is there a way I can dynamically set autofilter for a specified cell or group of cells via code?


Hi, thanks for your consideration.

Currently Aspose.Excel only support autofilter in designer file.

We would REALLY appreciate it if you can add a method to Aspose Excel which would allow us to dynamically set autofilter for a particular column. Is there any chance? We are in the process of developing complicated reports which require this feature.


Hi, Chi.

I will start to add a method to meet your need. But since this feature is difficult to implement, it will be available till 10/15 in my plan.

Thanks! again, we truly appreciate it.


Dear Chi,

Please download hotfix 1.6.1.

You can use the following code to set autofilter in column 1 & 2.

sheet.AutoFilter.Name = “A1:B1”;

Sorry, mistyped.

sheet.AutoFilter.Range = “A1:B1”;

fantastic! i will download and try it today. thank you.