Automatic Page Numbering?


I’m using Aspose.Word to convert multiple MS Word documents into PDFs
before using Pdf.Kit to concatenate them (and several existing PDFs)
into a single large PDF document. The conversion and merge is working
fine but I need to be able to add page numbers (in a footer,
preferably) to the final document but I can’t see an obvious way of
achieving this. Creating the “final” PDF programatically and adding
pages to it one by one isn’t an option due to the way that the
documents are stored and pre-processing in our application - it has to
be a case of merging multiple PDFs.

Many thanks for any and all assistance anyone is able to offer.

Steve Ford


Dear NeonSurge,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

We have decided to support automatic page numbering, We hope this function can be release at the end of this month.

Thank you.