Avoid New Line Space while Adding Text to a Table Using Aspose.Slides for Java

Hi team,

Trying to add 3 cross 10 table in a slide like below

double[] dblCols = {300, 300, 300};
double[] dblRows = new double[10];
ITable tbl = slide.getShapes().addTable(50, 50, dblCols, dblRows);

And on each cell trying to add some bulletin text along with a hyperlink.

Bulletin text along with hyperlinks are working fine, but just getting the text in each cell with a new line. as per below image Could you please help us on how to remove the new line which is getting added by default ?

Getting the ppt like this - image.png (7.0 KB)

But I would like to get ppt like this -> image.png (7.3 KB)

Please help.


Thank you for contacting suport. Table cells contain one empty paragraph by default. Please try to clear a table cell before adding some text, or use the paragraph.


If this does not help, please share a code example showing how you add text to table cells.

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Thanks @andrey.potapov . This worked!

Thank you for using Aspose.Slides.