Awt Graphics2D call to aspose slide call conversion


Me and my team are evaluating various tools for PPT Generation.

I have a service that generates the chart using Graphics2D or JfreeChart.

Now the requirement says that PPT should have functionality to edit each component of Chart (like awt Rectangle or Line or Text…).

One approach is like I need to write the separate ChartBuilder for Aspose slide to generate the same chart with all components editable. We have near about 50 ChartBuilder’s so this solution doesn’t seems good

We want to reuse the existing ChartBuilder’s functionality to generate the separate components for ASPOSE SLIDE. For example PPGraphics2D of apache POI can convert the awt call in to PPT Generation call.

Please share your ideas of converting AWT calls to PPT Generation calls for ASPOSE Slide.



Dear Bakul,

I have requested the technical team to answer your question. It will answer you as soon as possible.

Hello Bakul,

We didn’t think about implementing such feature yet but that is interesting idea.
Anyway, it will take some time to write new Graphics2D class.
What timeframe do you have for this project? Are there any problems with POI?