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AWTXT configuration options (documentation?)

I am evaluating your Aspose.Words product, and have a specific need I’m trying to solve…SSRS 2008 export to TXT.
Is there documentation somewhere, that lists all the possible configuration settings for the AWTXT rendering extension?

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…to further clarify what I’m looking for…I’m trying to configure the TxtRenderer in Aspose.Words, to export to text with a larger width output, for everything. I tried “SpacingFactor”, but it had no effect.
Is there such a thing as “Number of characters per inch” or simply “PageWidth (in characters)” that the renderer could size things relative to, to allow expanding the horizontal display of text? The current default settings make every piece of text wrap down on itself.


Thank you for your interest in Aspose.Words for Reporting Services. Width of page can be specified in RTL. But this will not affect TXT export. In TXT text usually just fits to window.
Could you please attach your output and expected output documents here? I will check the issue and provide you more information.
Best regards.

I’ve attached two documents. One document is what is currently the default Text export (current_export.txt), using your AWTXT renderer. The second file (desired_export.txt) is an example of how we’d like to make the display wider, so that data doesn’t wrap on itself.


Thank you for additional information. As I can see, your report contains a table. Text is wrapped in table cell. So as a possible solution, you can make table cells in your report wider.
Also, please attach your RDL report here.
Best regards.

Thanks for your reply. The table cells in the RDL are plenty wide. I export/render to other formats (pdf, doc, html, mhtml, etc…) and the data in the table cells do not wrap. They only wrap in the Text export, using your TxtRenderer (AWTXT). This is why I am wondering if there is some sort of SpacingFactor or PageWidthInCharacters type of setting that would allow a content to be spaced out proportionally to one of these settings.
Also, unfortunately I am not able to post the RDF, for confidentiality reasons. So I realize you may be stopping your help right here.
If you are still interested in continuing to help me solve this, one way could be to show me where I can find (or post the list here in this thread) all the rsreportserver.config Configuration settings I can use to control the TxtRenderer. I will not believe these are not all listed somewhere in their entirety, that you could make available to your customers.
Thanks for any help you can give.