Axis formatting error: Spacing between category lables



I want to show every category on my category axis. For this purpose I set the following properties :

excel.Worksheets[0].DesignCharts[0].CategoryAxis.TickLabelSpacing = 1;
excel.Worksheets[0].DesignCharts[0].CategoryAxis.TickMarkSpacing = 1;
excel.Worksheets[0].DesignCharts[0].ValueAxis.TickLabelSpacing = 1;
excel.Worksheets[0].DesignCharts[0].ValueAxis.TickMarkSpacing = 1;

without success. The value isn’t set in the axis formatting settings according to my values. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?




Please find attached the generated excel sheet where every category should be shown


Hi Michael,

Now Aspose.Excel doesn’t support to change these setting of charts in the designer spreadsheets. You can only change data source and title of the designer charts.



might there be any support in the future for the mentioned properties?



Hi Michael,

We will check and investigate this issue. Because of it’s complexity, it may take several months to implement this feature.