Background/design template transfer when merging two presentation into one


I am trying to merge two slides from different presentations.
It works fine, but background images are missing thru this process.

I am using
CloneSlide() method.



What extra steps I must complete to clone background/design template with this slide and apply it only for particular slide.

Method GetThumbnail() also return image without background/design template


Dear Volben,

CloneSlide doesn’t copy presentation’s MainMaster because it’s not possible to have 2 masters in a presentation.
MS PowerPoint doesn’t copy design templates between presentations too.

But thank you for interesting idea. Probably it can be implemented later.


Is it any work around this problem?

Should it be simple like something:

pres3.Slides[0].Background.PictureId = pres3.Pictures.Add((Pictures)pres1.Slides[3].Background);



Dear Volben,

If background picture placed on MainMaster then probably something like this:

Image img = pres1.Pictures.GetPictureById(pres1.MainMaster.Background.PictureId);

pres3.Slides[0].Background.PictureId = pres3.Pictures.Add(new Picture(pres3, img);