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Background Image scaling

Hi there. I am evaluating your product and so far I am impressed by the enormous possibilities.

I run into a small problem.

I have a scanned page in Tiff format that I want to display as a background image, so to be able to place text on top of that. I have this working, but the original page was A4 size and the resulting PDF has a huge format of 23 inches tall by 30 inches wide. Also resulting in a huge fil: 10 MB, where the original Tiff is only 5KB.

Is it possible to scale the background or limit the page size to A4? So the resulting PDF is much smaller and faster on screen?

Or alternatively is there another way to put the Tiff image on the page and text on top of that?


Dear Rob,

Thanks for your consideration.

The function your want is not supported currently. I plan to add support for this in 1 or 2 days. I want to add a new property “BackgroundImageFixedWidth” through which you can specify the width of the image you want. How do you think about this?

And I guess your TIFF image is black-white, am I right? If so, please set IsBlackWhite to true, this will minimize the pdf file size.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

The BackgroundImageFixedWidth property sounds good to me. This should limit the size.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I can set IsBlackWhite on a background image. Or I must be missing something.

Finally, one thing I can’t seem to get right: my pdf comes out on Letter size and I want it to be A4. How can I set that size?

Thanks again.

Dear Rob,

Thanks for your consideration.

The default pdf file size is A4. You can see a page sizing example at pdf document sizing. But at present, you can’t control the page size if you used background image. I will add the new BackgroundImageFixedWidth soon.

It’s a strange thing that you use a 5K image and produce a 10M pdf if it is not black-white. Would you please send you image to me? I want to have a test.

I have just emailed the Tiff file.

Letter size will do for now.

Dear Rob,

Thanks for your consideration.

Obviously you image is a black-white one, why did you say can’t set IsBlackWhite to true?

Forgive for missing the obvious.

I use the following code to set the background image:

pdf.Sections[0].BackgroundImageFile=path + “\Images\test.tif”;

Where do I put the IsBlackWhite = true statement?

Dear Rob,

Thanks for your consideration.

I am sorry. It’s my fault. I will add that property later.

That is OK with me.

Your speed and detail of reply makes me even more confident about the product.

Keep up the good work!

I anxiously awaiting the updates.

Cheers from Holland!

Dear Rob,

Thanks for your consideration.

Thanks for your prize, it’s great honor to me.

Please download hot fix 1.5.28 here.