Backup email

Good day,

I want to create a backup and retrieval process for email and its attachments using Aspose.
The requirement is to be able to make a backup of selected emails and write the contents and attachments or a link to the attachments to a database or any other appropriate storage method and then be able to retrieve it on demand using a search method.
Do you perhaps have any examples or ideas to get me started?
I will be using Visual Basic 2010 and ASP.NET for the development and if required, will be using SQL 2008 as database.

Hi Zack,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

Aspose.Email for .NET provides functionality to list and retrieve emails via Pop3 and Imap. If your email server is an Exchange then you can alternatively use Exchange related classes for the same purpose. Once downloaded, you can either save the fetched messages (along with their attachments) to disk or you can add them to a PST file for backup.

Please note, you have to implement your own logic for database insertion and retrieval processes because Aspose.Email does not provide such features.

Please feel free to write back.