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Barcode detection in browser


We are using the Aspose .Net suite on our backend API and Windows application.

We are currently doing a proof of concept on scanning QR/bar codes through our website when running on a mobile device.

One of the developers has found a npm repos that solves the issue, but I would prefer if we could stick to using Aspose, with the quality, support and stability we are used to.

I am aware of the possibility to actually take an image, send it to our API for processing and returning any scanned barcodes.

But, do you have any features that would enable us to show a camera “window” in a browser, and doing realtime scanning for QR codes? So the end user gets immediate feedback on when the scanned QR/barcode is caught.

An example how this could be working is https://zxing-js.github.io/ngx-scanner/.

Looking forward to your reply.

Best regards


Thanks for your query.

You may try using our featured app which also allows users to scan barcodes via camera, the application is custom made which uses Aspose.BarCode on the backend:

Hi Amjad

The scan-qr page is actually quite similar to what I am looking for.


Are there any source code available on this site that we can be inspired by?

I would like us to implement the same feature in our API, to ensure none of our customers scanned images are sent to third parties to avoid having to care about disclaimers and rights in that regard.


Sure, you may browse/check the complete (source) background VS.NET project here for the online app for your reference.

Super - I’ll get a developer to look at it and see if we can figure out how it is set up.


You are welcome.

I think we found heads and tails in your demos now.

The example here https://products.aspose.app/barcode/scanqr seems to actually post a few frames per second to the api - which then passes the image into Aspose.Barcode and if any barcodes are found - they are returned in the API response - and the frame is locked.

It seems to work ok, and not be too intensive on the network. We will be having a substantial part of our users on remote locations with middle to poor cellular network connections, so it is actually quite important that we don’t stress the data-line too much.

The solution with zxing-ngx-scanner is purely on javascript/browser side, and has no traffic to the server at all.

It would be neat if we could have some sort of combination where the client side could detect something “barcode’ish” - and only then send image to the server.

But I have put your demo in the basket - and then once we get on with the project we will determine which solution is a best fit.

Best regards


The live demo provided is just for reference purpose for the users to quickly get familiar with the APIs and scanning the barcodes on the fly via a UI. The solution we provide is server-based. Sure, you may evaluate it yourselves and write your own code on client-side to accomplish your task.