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Barcode Dimensions in SSRS

I'm evaluating Aspose.BarCode for Reporting Services, and I'm having trouble getting it to size a PDF417 barcode correctly. We have fairly tight size requirements, in which we need to generate a PDF with a barcode with the following settings:

Width: 3.5 inches
Height: 2.25 inches
Rows: 90
Columns: 10
Error Correction Level: 5

I've been looking through your documentation and have found a description of the settings available, but I have not been able to fine-tune the dimensions. For example, the XDimension only seems to adjust the width in fairly large intervals (and at times, small changes do not appear to make any difference). The DPIX setting also modifies the width, but it also steps in large increments.

Do you have any documentation available that describes the valid values for these settings, how they interact, and how to achieve more precise dimensions?


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Hi Glen,

Sorry for the delayed response.

You have provided us the details of your required image, but you did not mention another important factor that effects the barcode image size. Please also provide us the maximum size for barcode CodeText.

As a general concept,
The barcode itself will not shrink to fit the image. The barcode’s size is controlled by xDimension and yDimension which is the smallest width and hight unit respectively. Shrinking the barcode may cause the barcode to be symbologically incorrect. For example, Pdf417 symbology request a yDimension : xDimension ratio to be greater than 4 : 1 by practice.


The barcode will contain 1361 characters.

I’m replacing a working barcode that is currently created by barcode4j with the following settings:
Module width: .352777mm
Row height: .705554mm (2 x module width)
Columns: 10
Max Rows: 90
Width to height ratio: 3
Error Correction Level: 5

You’re saying that the yDimension should be at least 4 times greater than the xDimension… so it seems that this layout is not optimal. In the end, the height/width of the barcode is what needs to fit as closely as possible to 3.5w x 2.25h; if there is a way to make it fit by adjusting the number of rows/columns, then that will be fine. I’ve toyed with all the values to try to find something that works, but haven’t found anything that fits and am not sure what else to try… any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Glen,

You are right about your desired layout, it does not seem to be optimal. I have tried every possible combination to get your desired dimensions but I could not come up with some viable settings. Although, I have decreased the Max Rows to 70 and was able to produce a Barcode label that is also fairly readable using Aspose.BarCodeRecognition component.

Please check the following settings for your reference. Values are provided in Millimetres. You can cross check with your desired values according to this formula: 1 inch = 25.4mm

xDimension = 50 (50/25.4 = 1.96 Inch)
BarHeight = 57.5 (57.5/25.4 = 2.26 Inch)

If I increase the xDimension from above given size, the Barcode loses its readability.

Also, I have observed that the change in xDimension seems to take effect for large intervals only. I have discussed this dilemma with our development team. Soon we will enhance this feature in BarCode generation.