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Barcode Fail to Recognize



I am facing an issue where Aspose Barcode failed to read the 2D barcode most of the times when the barcode is captured by a low quality camera. I have tried setting the following but still the barcode failed be identified. I attached 9 samples where 1 is a good detectable barcode while the rest of the 8 barcodes failed to be detected.

reader.QualitySettings.AllowDecreasedImage = true;
reader.QualitySettings.AllowMedianSmoothing = true;
reader.QualitySettings.AllowMicroWhiteSpotsRemoving = true;
reader.QualitySettings.AllowSaltAndPaperFiltering = true;
reader.QualitySettings.AllowWhiteSpotsRemoving = true; (1001.5 KB)

Can anyone advise what would be the best settings to enable the detection of those failed detected barcodes?



We have logged this issue with ID “BARCODENET-37084” for further investigation and you will automatically be informed here once we have more information to share.