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Barcode font

We can't seem to get a barcode font to be inserted correctly. I've attached the original document, the final document, and the .PFM file. It changes the font to something else.

The relevant code just uses

Bookmark.Text = "2004342343"

to insert an order number.



Original Document

Resulting document

Correction, actually it doesn’t insert the actual tracking number, the number needs to be converted into Code 128 equivalent, and then it’s inserted into Bookmark.Text

Bookmark.Text = “ê4%”) +?8-1-0&?"

is actually the command occurring.


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First of all, please try to use the latest version of Aspose.Word. It shouldn't have any problems with bookmark fonts. If the problem still persists, please report us again.


Using Aspose.Word 2.2.7 barcode 128 dosen’t insert correctly.
Your haver the code and PFM file from Nieboer.


Thank you for the report. We will try to solve this issue as soon as possible.

It works fine with the latest version. Please double check that your proxy server did not cache the download and that you reference the proper version of Aspose.Word.dll.

I was not able to use your font because it is missing another file, but I’ve downloaded some other demo 128 barcode font, also PostScript and applied that font in the document and run my code and it produces a document with proper barcode in it. The document is attached (although you probably don’t have this font installed).

Document doc = TestUtil.Open(@“Other\TestBarcode.doc”);
doc.Range.Bookmarks[“cover_bar_zip”].Text = “êà#?0-? á?”;
TestUtil.Save(doc, @“Other\TestBarcode Out.doc”);

I used IDAutomationSC128L.pfm font.