Barcode is not reading


Hi Team,

Please find the attached image, which contains 5 barcode. But with our code it is not reading all barcodes.
Can you please help us to resolve this?
We are using the code as below.

using (BarCodeReader barCodeReader = new BarCodeReader(item, BarCodeReadType.Code39Standard | BarCodeReadType.PatchCode))
while (barCodeReader.Read())
string str = barCodeReader.GetCodeText().ToString();
foreach (string fRegExList in this.FRegExList)
if (!Regex.IsMatch(str, fRegExList))
this.FIFOModified = true;
image[string.Format(“Barcode{0}”, num)] = str;
} (11.1 KB)


Also we are using aspose.barcode.dll 6.3
Is it possible this should work with same dll?




The attachment you provided does not contain an image. Please check the attachment again. Aspose.Barcode uses the following input types

  • JPEG
  • TIFF
  • PNG
  • BMP
  • GIF
  • EXIF

Additionally, please test this scenario using the latest version of Aspose.Barcode to verify if the issue still exists.


But it has image. that is a tif image. can you please download that and check. We use to give some prefix to save images.



We used the following code using the latest Aspose.Barcode API.

BarCodeReader barCodeReader = new BarCodeReader(item, DecodeType.AllSupportedTypes);

barCodeReader.RecognitionMode = RecognitionMode.MaxBarCodes;

while (barCodeReader.Read())
    Console.WriteLine("CodeText: " + barCodeReader.GetCodeText());

It produced the following output

Patch IV
Patch IV
Patch IV