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BarcodeComponent not generating barcodes


This is related to the barcode generation component for java. We downloaded the trial version of the product and also the required lic file of the component.

While running the code in Eclipse we encounter "Stack overflow error" .

Environment details -

1. Windows7 32 bit system

2. JRE 1.6

3. ASPOSE Barcode Jar version - aspose-barcode-5.4-jdk15.jar

PFA the sample code and error description file.

Any help is appreciated.

Many thanks in advance


Hi Omkar,

Thanks for your inquiry. I’m sorry to share with you that I’m unable to reproduce the error message on my side. Could you please let me know the exact eclipse version and build id? Also, please try using the latest build of JRE 1.6. I hope it will help you.