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BarCodeImageFormat is missing EMF in C++ library


C++ lib is missing the generation of EMF barcodes.


We are afraid that saving barcode as EMF is not supported in C++.

That’s what I’m saying I need added, and I’m pretty sure this page meant to say EMF since what is EMP?

image.png (54.9 KB)

We are afraid there is no actual plan to implement EMF support in near future. We will update the page soon to remove this format.

But will it be added to roadmap? It was one of the crucial reasons for choosing your library, since we embed the barcodes in EMF, and now we have to create SVG and convert these to EMF ourselves. Would save us some hassle

I raised this question on our technical meeting, however it could be added (if it will be added) to .Net Core on Linux and C++ only at 2021Q4.