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BarCodeResult.Region.Angle sensitivity and direction

Hi All,

I have encountered two problems while trying to use the Angle property to restore scanned image rotation.
It seems by testing the barcoderesult’s Angle property is rounded to 5 degree precision. Is there an option to change the precision it will store?

I noticed if i have an image rotated counterclockwise eg -5 degrees, the Angle property still has a value of 5, instead 355 as the tooltip suggest. Is this a bug, any workaround on it?

I am using barcodereader version 20.9.0 in a .net core 3.1 project

Many thanks in advance for your answer!

Best regards,

You may share some sample file along with the runnable console application which can be used to reproduce this issue here. We will analyze the data and share our feedback.

You can always calculate angle from detected barcode quadrangle.
BarCodeResult.Region.Quadrangle.RightTop (4.2 MB)
I have a working workaround, but the value of this property still seems wrong. Attanched an example. Thanks, Regards,

We have observed this issue where angle is returned 0 for the shared TIF file and logged it in our database for further investigation. You will be notified here once any update is ready for sharing here.

This issue is logged as:
BARCODENET-37713 - BarCodeResult.Region.Angle direction not returned properly