Base Currency information for P6

Reading a P6 .xer into Aspose.Tasks, and trying to find currency information. Within P6 currency is a table of available currencies and the monetary data is always stored internally in the currency designated as the “Base”. And it’s a user preference that dictates which currency will used for display.

In the Aspose object the data returned in the project level value appears to always be the last currency in the list. Would it be possible to have this return the “Base” currency?

            string fileName = @"C:\Users\legland\OneDrive - Palisade Corporation\Documents\_Projects\SRA\Test Files\DTS-3439\Birthday Party.xer";
        //string fileName = @"C:\Users\legland\OneDrive - Palisade Corporation\Documents\_Projects\SRA\Test Files\Samples\Small - Primavera 1\baseline.xer";

        Project m_Project = new Project(fileName);

        Console.WriteLine("{0} {1}", "CurrencyCode", m_Project.Get(Prj.CurrencyCode));
        Console.WriteLine("{0} {1}", "CurrencyDigits", m_Project.Get(Prj.CurrencyDigits));
        Console.WriteLine("{0} {1}", "CurrencySymbol", m_Project.Get(Prj.CurrencySymbol));
        Console.WriteLine("{0} {1}", "CurrencySymbolPosition", m_Project.Get(Prj.CurrencySymbolPosition));

In this example, the base for the schedule is US Dollars (USD). The last item in the currency table is Uruguayan Peso (UYU). The code sample above returns UYU.

Birthday (5.3 KB)
P6_Currency_Base.png (23.5 KB)
P6_Currency_Bottom.png (24.3 KB)
TestProgramOutput.png (18.6 KB)

the investigation have shown that current behavior is not correct. We will fix it in the nearest release.

There is no ‘Base’ flag for currency in XER format, so we have to assume that ‘Base’ currency is always first currency in currencies list.

A ticket with ID TASKSNET-10607 has been created to further fix the issue. This thread has been linked with the issue so that you may be notified once the issue will be fixed.

Thank you so much. I believe assuming the first in the list is the base is correct.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as TASKSNET-10607) have been fixed in this update.