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Baseline values are not read from XML file properly


We have an issue reading baseline data from XML versions of MS Project 2013 plans.

When I read the attached MPP file the baseline data for each task has the values I expect.

If I save the MPP file as XMLin MS Project and then import tyhe resulting XML file the values are completely wrong even though they are fine in the raw XML file itself.

I have attached a sample of the MPP and XML file I am using.

I am running version of ASPOSE tasks on .Net but the same issue exists in the latest release ( as well.



Hi Craig,

Thank you for considering Aspose.Tasks as part of your solutions.

I was able to reproduce this issue at my end using the latest version of Aspose.Tasks for .NET 5.4.0 and have logged it in our bug tracking system under issue id: TASKS-33349. Development team will look into it and once we have any information regarding the resolution of this issue, we’ll update you here via this thread.

If you have any other query/inquiry regarding Aspose.Tasks, please feel free to post to us. We’ll try to assist you further as soon as possible.

This issue is still affecting our users - is there any progress?


Hi Craig,

We are sorry for the delay incurred in providing you the required feedback.

After investigating this issue, we have found that all the values that differ are zero or default (in mpp file) and Min values (in xml). MinValues are markers that tell XML writer not to write them in target xml file as they were not present in original xml (made by MSP or Aspose.Tasks). In the same way, we just interpret all MinVlaues to be zero (for costs) and default (for Timespans and DateTimes) when these are read from XML and, hence, is not a bug.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as ) have been fixed in this Aspose.Words for JasperReports 18.3 update.