Batch Printing PDF


We have a requirement whereby we merge a document via Aspose.Word, save it as PDF, and then display it for the user to preview. The user has two choices, 1 - print the document immediately or 2 - request that the document be batched for printing in bulk at a later time.

The first option is no problem as they can print via the browser when previewing it. Option 2 is where I am looking for suggestions.

Does anyone using Aspose products have any suggestions as to how to implement this functionality. Basically at any one time, I may have upwards of 1000 PDF’s in a directory that have been selected for ‘batch print’. What is the best way to pick these up and print them. Ideally this would be a component that picks up each PDF and prints silently (i.e. a server component).

I think that Adobe may have an API available to do this but I was looking for alternatives (cost is a major factor).

Alternatively, if it is possible or beneficial, we can do the whole process with Word Docs instead of PDF.

Thanks in advance.



Aspose.Word will be able to print documents like this, but in later versions. In 2-3 months time. Maybe it will be able to print PDF documents too if we support reading of PDF files (the idea about reading PDF docs popped up several times before so we are taking it seriously).