Behavior of Input Text field


Open MS-Word application, add a text form field, and in properties window give the value for "Maxmimum length" as 1000. Now protect the document and you will see that the text field is still about 60 pixels wide even though it can take 1000 chars.

Now, using Aspose.Word, when we add input text box with length 1000 characters, when you open the generated document, you will notice that size of the text box actually is bigger (when the initial value is "") as though the field is holding 1000 space characters (even though value is null).

Is it possible to emulate the behaviour as in word and keep the field size small and grow it when you type text?



Maybe you can just use unlimited length of text, this way the form field will be of default size.



But since our database field can hold only limited number of characters (say 2000 chars), I would like to specify limit on number of characters and at the same time have the field not occupy entire page.

Is this doable?