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Big font size text is not recognized


We tried to use Aspose.OCR to extract text from images of big size(1000x1000).
And it produces incorrect results.


  1. Processing of image1000x1000.png (4.6 KB) produces something strange:


  1. Processing of image300x300.png (2.2 KB) produces text with spaces:

Fi rstLine
Thi rd Line


Thank you for sharing samples with us. We have investigated the issue at our end. Initial investigation shows that the issues persist. The issues have been logged into our system. Details are as follows:

OCRNET-3453: Incorrect results if input image is of 1000x1000 resolution
OCRNET-3454: Producing results with extra/unwanted spaces

We will update you here once there is some information or a fix version available in this regard.