BigTIFF to PNG convertion fails

The conversion of BigTIFF image to PNG format fails with an error message:
com.aspose.imaging.coreexceptions.ImageLoadException: Unable to read file. Exception: Cannot read image data. The strip/tile offset counts or strip/tile byte counts were undefined.

Files that were used for testing are attached:

  • OIP2.tiff - is passing the conversion (TIFF)
  • OIP.tiff - fails the conversion (BigTIFF) (439.5 KB)

We have created the ticket on reported TIFF loading issue. We will try to include this in the next release.

Hi @Denis.Sitko , would you kindly share the ticket reference and/or advise if this was fixed?
Best Regards,

We are happy to say that we had resolved your issue yet in the closest 23.10 release to your request.
On the other hand we should take into account that you were not notified on completion as we rely on our automatic notification service. Please take our excuse for any inconveniences.
Best regards from Aspose.Imaging team!