BindHTML Function for Section- Paragraph & Cell


For the program I’m developing, it would be useful to have the capability to bind HTML to a Section, Paragraph and Cell object. I realize that providing this function for other objects could be problematic, though it would be quite useful to my company.

Is there a workaround you can think of? Where can I learn more about exactly what BindHTML can do?


Dear cohenn,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

The BindHTML method is used to convert a complete HTML to PDF. Only basic tags of HTML is supported in the current version.

It’s a good idea to supporting bind HTML into objects in the DOM. That must be a usful feature. I will consider adding support for this feature.


Thank you.

Can you direct me to an updated development schedule for HTML2PDF? I’d like to know what’s coming and when it’s coming.



I’d also like to know when it’s coming.


Dear cohenn and ying,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

Currently we are still working on basic HTML tags. We hopes to publish a new release that support most basic tags in HTML at the end of this month or early next month. We than want to support CSS and the BindHTML to DOM object you have suggested. I can’t give an exact date now, I will notify you when we have made plan about such tasks.



Is there any plan to support BindHTML for Section, Paragraph & Cell? I need this function badly.




My company could still benefit greatly from this functionality as well, though inline images are more important for us.

Thanks, Natan.


I hope this feature can be available in Oct.