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Binding DataTable

We would like to be able to place data from a single row in an ASP.Net datatable to various portions of a pdf document using the ImportDataTable method. For example, our datatable returns a single row with a customer’s ID number, address, report year, waste quantity shipped, etc.

Rather than placing this data in a single table on the pdf document, we need to place the ID number in the top right-hand corner, the quantity shipped fields in the center portion of the document, and the address at the bottom of the document. In short, we’re attempting to re-create an existing form that our customers must send into various state agencies.

Is placement of data in this manner possible with Aspose.pdf?

Rob Johnson

Dear Rob,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

I am not sure what your document look like. But I think you can use Custom positioning. If you need detailed advise, you can send an example document to me.