BindXML Method



I need to know something about this method. I meet some difficulties when i use it with a user profile who don't have permission to write on all hard disks.

During the install of my tool, i've put the DLL files (aspose.pdf.dll) on the drive C ; it's possible because i use a administrator profile.

But when a simple user use my program ; he has no permission to write on the drive C but it's possible for him to write on the drive D. The application generate the XML and PDF files on the disk D. I think that this way will be ok but not at all.

My Question : BindXML method at level hardware what happen ? Is there a link between the XML file and a temporary folder of the drive system (C) ? How this method work at hardware level ??

Perhaps it's not the good direction to find the solution, so say to me !!

Thank a lot for your reply and sorry for my english spoken,




I've found where the problem comes from. In fact, the regional settings is not the same for the different profile. I cautgh an exception on the BindXML method , a problem of conversion on a double.

Admin profile use "," as separator of decimal and user profile use "." as separator. Now, i will try to change my regional settings in this way.

If you can tell more about that, i will be happy.




Dear Mow,

You can set the "xml:lang" attribute to set language into for the xml, e.g.,