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BizTalk Mapping using Aspose.PDF.xsd


We are currently evaluating Aspose PDF.

I'm looking at mapping an incomming message into BizTalk into the Aspose.PDF.xsd in order to create the XML that can then be used on a BindXML to create the PDF document from the incomming message. Based on the simple XML example given I have as yet been unable to map simply into

http://Aspose.PDF" >"My Text Value"

Can this be done using the xsd in a BizTalk Map?

I have also tried producing a very simple piece of XML in line with the example using BizTalk and would like to know if Qualified Documents can be accepted by the BindXML function.

BizTalk will qualify the document as such

<ns0:PDF xlmns:ns0="http://Aspose.PDF><Section><Text><Segment>"My Text Value"

This does not seem to produce any PDF content is there any method in the product to accept either part or fully qualified xml?


Hello Darren,

Thanks for using our products.

BindXML(...) method in Aspose.Pdf for .NET only converts the XML file into PDF format which are based on Aspose.Pdf for .NET Document Object Model. As far as I can see from the above specified BizTalk qualified XML file, I am afraid BindXML(...) might not be able to render it into PDF format. However you may try using XSLT to make it compatible with Document Object Model. Please visit the following links for more information on

In case you still face any problem or you have any further query, please feel free to contact. We are sorry for your inconvenience.

Thanks for your reply,

It now gives me the answer I need on how I can progress this using your component.

In case anyone else has an interest in this I will outline how we will be managing this in BizTalk

We will use a canonical representation of the PDF XML and Interfaces will Map into the this canonical form. Will will have an interface dedicated to PDF Generation which will accept the canonical and use custom xslt in a map to create the XML required for the Aspose PDF Object which will pass the XML into a custom pipeline to write out the PDF to a stated location.

Any Interface wanting to write a PDF will only need to reference the Canonical Project and do the mapping.

Hello Darren,

From your previous reply, I am having an impression that you are able to generate PDF documents using Aspose.Pdf with BizTalk. If you still face any problem or you have any further query, please feel free to contact.