Blank pages when converting epub to pdf

I am using aspose.pdf 18.1. The output pdf contains a lot of blank pages and the text that is supposed to be on that page is getting overlapped on the text on the next page. Attached the epub file and output pdf file. Are there any options to fix this? (3.9 MB)

Update: I have tried in latest 20.8 too. Issue still exists.


We have tested the scenairo using Aspose.PDF for .NET 20.8 and obtained attached output PDF which has 132 pages and images inside it.

EpubLoadOptions opt = new EpubLoadOptions();
Document doc = new Document(dataDir + "WizardOfOz-EPUB2.epub", opt);
doc.Save(dataDir + "ePubtoPDF.pdf");

ePubtoPDF.pdf (8.8 MB)

Would you kindly check the attached file and try to use latest version at your side. In case you notice any issue, please let us know.

Hi @asad.ali

I am using Aspose.PDF for Java. Currently, I don’t have access to licensed 20.8, But I have checked out the evaluation version and issue still exists. Below is code I am using and I have attached the output from 20.8 version.

String inputPath = testDir + "WizardOfOz-EPUB2.epub";
String outputPath = testDir + "output.pdf";
InputStream source = UtilClass.getInputStream(inputPath); // Returns inputstream for filepath
EpubLoadOptions options = new EpubLoadOptions();
Document epubDocument = new Document(source, options);, SaveFormat.Pdf);

epubToPdf_20.8.pdf (8.7 MB)

Screen Shot 2020-09-02 at 10.01.13 AM.jpg (1.5 MB)


Please check attached output PDF which we generated using Aspose.PDF for Java 20.8 (licensed) version. It does not have any issue in it. Please try to use the latest version of the API with a free 30-days temporary license in order to generate PDF files without any limitations. In case you still face any issue, please let us know.
epubtopdf.pdf (8.8 MB)


This issue is occurring in pdf generated in my MacBook. But this isn’t happening in other MacBooks. Not sure of the cause. Anyways thanks for the support :slight_smile:


You may please check the installed fonts in your system and add missing fonts which are present in other MacBooks where issue is not occurring. In case you need further assistance, please feel free to contact us.