Blank Table Rows



I need to add several blank rows and colums to a pdf table. It already populates with members of staff and then they sign this off when printed. But just in cause someone is not on the form I want to add 10 extract rows so they can be entered later.


Thanks for consideing Aspose.

Does this blank rows want to be added on a pdf file containing a table after generated by Aspose.Pdf or on an existed pdf file?

Aspose.Pdf is designed as Pdf generator engine that means to produce customed pdf document. Operating on an pdf file beforehand in existence is not our component's principle.


These blank rows needed to be added when the pdf is generated by Aspose.pdf


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The following is a sample xml generated a table with one blank row five columns. You can follow this way to go on.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


If you want to enter text into the empty rows later, you can add text fileds into the empty rows. Please refer to