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I am testing your component using previous version. After I open a Word document which contains Hebrew charatacter with bold formatting, save and open again, I found I lost the bold formatting. How can I solve it? Or have you already fixed it in your new version? Thanks.

Sure, try the latest version since we’ve been improving support for right to left texts recently.

I found some sample code to swith righttoleft for Hebrew in Pdf, but can not find how to do the same in Aspose To Word. Is it possible at all?

We convert from HTML to Word and then to Pdf, and in the process I can't find any option to set RightToLeft option in Word.

Anybody had done this before? In case if you have a small code sample for that, I would appreciate it...

Thanks in advance!

In Aspose.Word see





You can set these boolean values to true to indicate RTL direction for the corresponding elements in the document. But Word to PDF export of RTL documents does not work well yet.

Please attach your document, we will see maybe we can improve this feature this time.