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[BOM] provide a BOM maven file

In order to add aspose-total dependency to a projet,
the following maven dependency should be added

com.aspose aspose-total 21.10 pom

BUT this will add any aspose projects as direct dependencies.
Can you provide BOM file instead ? (as described here as spring for example provide ?

This will enable to

  • prevent any dependencies to be linked and retrieved
  • allow one single declaration

Thanks for your help


We cannot provide single file for the task. But we have created a plugin (JetBrains) for Aspose.Total for Java examples which can be used to install all Aspose.Total APIs and dependencies automatically. You can get ready-made examples using Aspose APIs in your IntelliJ IDEA project. All examples created by Aspose and fetched from our GitHub open source repositories.

Hope, this helps a bit.

Hi Amjad,
I thank you for your answer, but in my point of view, these are two different things.
We purchase aspose-total library but don’t want to embed all dependencies defined into aspose-total pom file.
Thats what a BOM file can provide (defining library dependencies’ definition, but do not declaring them as real dependencies).

This is not unmanageable for us (by manually excluding libraries) but harder to manage.

PS: I apologize for my english, I am a French boy :wink:


Thanks for sharing further details.

We have investigated your BOM requirement a bit. We think you need us to maintain the versions of every product in Aspose.Total for Java by ourselves, so you could just simply reference to the BOM file. We think your requirement (provide BOM maven file) looks reasonable. However, we need to investigate and evaluate it thoroughly first. We will get back to you soon.

I thank you for taking my request into consideration !
Have a good day, I will closely watch the next releases :wink:


Please find attached the BOM file for your needs. We also request you can generate BOM using org.jboss.maven.plugins. You just need to add following plugin to generate aspose-total BOM from aspose-total POM

          <bomName>Aspose.Total Artifacts BOM</bomName>
          <bomDescription>List of Aspose.Total Artifacts BOM</bomDescription>

Hope, this helps a bit.
aspose-total-22.1-bom-pom.zip (1.0 KB)

Hi Amjad,
I wanna thank you for your proposal and I apologize for my late answer.

Unfortunately, this is not what I am expected.
As it’s not viable for us to generate this BOM.

In my mind, this should be available as part of each aspose-total release,
as - for examples - spring-framework, spring-security, cfx do.

When those companies deliver a new version of their library, I just have to update the version node value.

Have a good day


We are sorry but we do not provide BOM file as a part of Aspose.Total for Java package/release. You can generate BOM file using org.jboss.maven.plugins by yourselves. But for your needs, we can generate BOM file based on latest APIs set and upload here for your needs.

Thanks you again for your proposal Amjad,
but imho it will be a lot of work (for you)
and in my opinion, the risk of forgetting is important.

Never mind, if I’m the only one interested in this feature - what surprises me :wink: -
I will manage aspose dependencies as I do now.

Thans again.

you can close this issue if you want (I look for the button, but didn’t find it).


Thanks for your feedback. We have closed the topic now.