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Bound combobox doesn't update

In 'decs.xls' in attach the combobox is bound to cell C8. When cell C8 is updated to a new value by means of aspose cells, the combobox doesn't update. However the value in cel C8 is correct, and when changing the value in Excel the combobox responds correct.

What's even more strange Indifferent [:|]; when there are no macros in the workbook ( as in 'IB.xlt') the combobox doesn't work anymore. Adding any macro ( without any relevance to the combobox ), no problem after processing the file with aspose cells.

I'm using version


Aspose.Cells cannot update combobox value according to the value.

How do you create this combo box? I cannot view the properties of this combo box in MS Excel.

Just switch to design mode to view the properties ( MS Excel menu \View\toolbars\control toolbox , and in the toolbox activate the design mode button).

The combobox is created in the normal way in MS Excel ( 2000)

I was affraid so, that controls aren't supported. I'm gonna try to find a creative way to work around the problem ...