BR tags doubling up

Received : 2007/10/24 14:49:47
Message : i’m taking HTML text, saving it to an aspose.words doc, then using pdf.xmlbind to turn that word doc into a pdf. but everwhere there’s a BR tag in my original HTML, it turns into a double-space in the final pdf.

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Thank you for asking this.
Please attach the HTML document you are mentioning or some minimal sample reproducing this. That’s not clear what is happening. Are you saving it first as DOC format and then loading again and saving as Aspose.Pdf XML? What do you mean under “turns into a double-space”? It’s better to see myself.
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please see attached vb 2003 project. when you run it, look at the person’s name and address, they’re double-spaced, but in the original HTML text (in the source code), there’s just one

Would you please attach the HTML. I’m unable to get it running properly (upgrade to VS2005, tuning etc.) I expect that I could get many induced issues now. Most probably we’ll get right just looking in the HTML.
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attached is the HTML, thanks.

Thank you.
I have reproduced the issue and have to consult with Aspose.Pdf team. I’ll let you know about the progress of investigation.

Aspose.Pdf team has confirmed this is an issue with Aspose.Pdf and logged it as PDFNET-3963 to their defect database.
If you have further questions regarding this including but not limited to timeframe, progress, workarounds, you can ask them directly in Aspose.Pdf forum here:
Please refer to this thread just by copying the URL from the address line. Normally they will do everything without our attendance. But I cannot promise anything on behalf of them.
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