Bug in


Just downloaded the latest version of Aspose.excel, tested it with existing ( and working ! ( with 3.0.x.x) code ( just to check if something changed with the indent problem I mentioned a few weeks ago, before I asked another question), and I get an error now on the ‘save’ method. No idea where or what, gonna try a previous version …


#2 works fine ( as far I tested), AND even the indents look ok ( as I hoped), do some more testing …


Also problems with ‘Save’ works , but when I open the file, I get an error ‘Excel can’t read the file’ . I attached ( a simplified version of ) the worksheet I’am using. All I do now in my testing is make a copy of the first ( and only sheet), add it to the workbook and change the name.

I know some strange things happen in 3.0.x.x when adding, deleting and moving sheets. Wanted to check that too in the new version before reporting. By the way, real strange things, have to examine them more before I can report. But sometimes data really get corrupted ( but only if … and if … )

I’m gonna try to use by now, and hope I won’t encounter any other bugs.



Hi Luc,

Thank you for the help.

We are working to manipulate pictures in the template file. That’s a complex feature. Many files are tested with this new version but we did miss something in your file. Now we fixed this bug according to your file. Please try the attached fix.


First test looks fine, (and even the indent still works Smile). If I have time I do some real tests later on the day, and maybe also check the adding, moving and deleting problem.
Thanks for the update. You’re in fact really fast and good in suppport …