Bug in bulleted slides



I'm using Aspose.Slides I have a slide with a Shape that is formatted to use bullets for the text items. However, a user has removed the bullets from some line items. In PPT this is fine. However, when Aspose clones these slides I get all items with forced bullets which messes up the alignment my user has created.

Is this something you guy can fix?




Hello Mark,

Sure, I think we can fix it. But we need source ppts and code which show how you clone slides.



I've attached a PPT to this post that has several slides with bulleted items some of which are missing the bullets.

Here is how I clone slides:

// create a blank presentation.

Presentation newPPT = new Presentation();

// add the slides indicated by the user from the various presentations.

foreach (PresentationSlide cfgSlide in Slides)


Presentation p = mapPresentations[cfgSlide.FileName];

// find the slide in the presentation.

Slide srcSlide = p.GetSlideById((uint) cfgSlide.ID);

// append copy of slide into a new presentation.

Slide targetSlide = p.CloneSlide(srcSlide, newPPT.Slides.Count + 1, newPPT, null);





I don’t have such problem with this simple test. All bullets are correct.
May be you clone master slide accidentally when select it by id.
Or some presentation lost it’s master. I’m not sure but please check it.

Presentation pres = new Presentation(“Estate.ppt”);
Presentation pres2 = new Presentation();
SortedList idlist = new SortedList();

for (int i = 1; i <= pres.Slides.LastSlidePosition; i++)
Slide sl = pres.GetSlideByPosition(i);
pres.CloneSlide(sl, pres2.Slides.LastSlidePosition + 1, pres2, idlist);