Bug in creating folder inside PST files (lib version > 23.4.0)

Creating a Calender folder in the root of the pst file (previously working), now doesn’t work in lib versions higher than 23.4.0 .
Method used for creating folder is the “AddSubFolder” of a FolderInfo class instance.

The error message is:
“The specified container class of the added folder (IPF.Appointment) does not match the container class of the parent folder (IPF.Note).”

Please solve it ASAP, this is really a serious issue!!!

Hi @albertose,

We’ve already created a ticket EMAILNET-41117 on this issue that will be fixed in the next release.

Ok perfect, looking forward to the new release.
When will it be out?


Our releases are published on regular basis at the end of each month.

You will have your issue fixed by that time.