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Bug into the iCalculator component


I want to report a bug into the component Aspose.Network.iCalendar.

When calling the RecurrencePattern.GenerateOccurrences with the parameters rangeStart and rangeEnd, the component returns values outside the range that I’ve specified.
It looks like a bug unless the designers had a different meaning for the parameters rangeStart and rangeEnd.

As you can see from the attached picture, I am calling this method with the parameters:

- computedPeriodStart {06.07.2011 18:35:30}

- computedPeriodEnd {06.07.2013 18:35:29}

but it returns an occurrence outside (in front) of my range with one second: {06.07.2011 18:35:29}

The documentation is quite vague so I might be wrong understanding the purpose of those parameters:

Thanks for your support,

Florin Iliuta

The documentation for the method looks like this:

RecurrencePattern.GenerateOccurrences Method (DateTime, DateTime)

Generates the occurrences.

public DateCollection GenerateOccurrences(
DateTime rangeStart,
DateTime rangeEnd


The range start.

The range end.

Return Value


Thank you for inquiry.

Could you please set the RecurrenceRule.Until to set the end date/time? If you still have issues, please post the sample code to generate the recurrence pattern.

I used the below code to generate a pattern:

RecurrencePattern recPattern = new RecurrencePattern();
DateTime startDate = DateTime.Now;
recPattern.StartDate = startDate;
//recPattern.EndDate = DateTime.Now.AddDays(5);
RecurrenceRule rule = recPattern.RRules.Add();
rule.Frequency = Frequency.Daily;
rule.Until = DateTime.Now.AddDays(5);
DateCollection dtColl = recPattern.GenerateOccurrences();