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Bug report for aspose.pdf.image:cannot load the aspose.pdf.image

Hi, Support:
I built a VB.net libarary dll with references to aspose.pdf.dll as MyNet.dll. And using cmd line “RegAsm.exe MyNet.dll /tlb " to register this dll for the OS, it failed with the error report as " Cannot load Aspose.Pdf.Document, can not load Aspose.pdf.image, System.IO.FileNotFoundException: cannot load Aspose.PDF, or its dependencyor some dependency item not found.”
Therefore, the MyNet.dll cannot be sucessfully register and no MyNet.tlb be created.
How to fix?


I will try to help you, but I am not a VB developer. Also, this has to do with how you deploy your system more than an issue with the Aspose.Pdf library so is out of the scope of the forum, but hopefully, this will give you an idea of where to look and continue troubleshooting yourself…

That error usually happens when “the third party DLL has a dependency, and the FileNotFound exception is the result of the dependency being missing when you deploy.” Quote out of Microsoft forums.

I would suggest creating a new project with no code at all.
Include The Aspose.Pdf library,
Do not code anything just build it to create an assembly. So now you have an empty project with no code just as a reference to the DLLs.

I think you may have referenced more than just the Aspose.Pdf, and some dependencies of it may be missing. This is following the idea from MS forums.

You can try moving those bin dlls to another folder and just execute them and see if they work(You can create a console applicate that reference an empty class in your assembly to create an executable).
You will see if it works or not.

This is as far as I can go to help you with this one. I hope you solve your problem.

I almost forgot that if you OS is not windows, Use Aspose.Pdf.Drawing instead of Aspose.Pdf, but since you are using VB .Net I am thinking it is windows.

Thanks for your suggestion. I will try it.