Bug report: get wrong pdf pagecount

Hi, Support:
Here maybe a bug report for your check.
As for the demo.pdf, the aspose.pdf.dll(v21.3, Net4.6.1,Vb.net,Win10) get its pagecount equal 1,whereas the aspose.Words.dll(v21.3, Net4.6.1,Vb.net,Win10) get the ringht pagecount equal 190.
What’s wrong for the pdf.dll?
Please check it.
GetWrongPageCount.pdf (2.0 MB)


Can you please add the code snippet you are using?

Dim Pdf as new aspose.pdf.document(sFile)
Dim Pages as integer=Pdf.pages.count
if Pages=1 then
Dim Doc as new aspose.Words.document(sFile)
end if


I am not able to replicate the error. But I am using the current version 23.3.0

can you try updating your API and test again?

Let me try the latest version.