Bug - Report "Page header" not generated


My report "Page header" is not generated in my powerpoint file. The "Page header" is composed of a project image of MIME type "image/gif" and 1 TextBox.

The header get generated in word document.

I have the last Aspose.Slides.ReportingServices version. (



Dear Guillaume,

Thank you for using Aspose.Slides for RS.

I have requested team lead to help you and he will respond to you as early as possible.

Dear Guillaume,

Please provide example of rdl report, created ppt file and report rendered as pdf.
You can attach it here in the forum or send by email.

Here's the files.

There is a problem with rendering dynamically resizable headers and footers.
I’m afraid creating hot fix can take up to 2 weeks.

Keep me updated on the problem, my client is waiting for PowerPoint documents...

I don't understand why the report header and footer are not working since it's a basic function of Microsoft SQL Server Reports... Are you sure this product is ready to be sold and for production?

I feel like debugging a beta version of a product...



Hello Guillaume,

Sure, I will keep you posted.

Current version of Aspose.Slides for RS supports all base MS Reporting Services functionality and works fine except several minor problems. That is finished product but in the same time library is under development. Unfortunately, dynamically resizable headers is not a standard feature and wasn’t implemented yet. We always improve quality and size of generated reports. Also we continuously extend available functionality. If you need any features urgently, we can implement it with high priority. There are some things which will be added soon: support for hidden objects, gradient fill styles, inserting images to table cells without stretching, support for “CanGrow” property for headers and footers and other improvements.

What do you mean by dynamically resizable headers?

The Page Header have a fixed size in the file I sent you :









I mean text fields in headers and footers which CanGrow.
Anyway, we already implemented it. Hot fix will be available on these weekends.

Good, I'll try it monday.

You can download hot fix here.

The header is now working with the patch