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Bug when loading an Excel file

When I run following line of code, my machine seems to get into an endless loop (100% CPU usage for very long time):


This attached file is the problematic one has been created with MS Excel 2003 and only that.

We will check this issue right now. Which version of Aspose.Excel.Web are you using?

This should be the latest one, downloaded two days ago.

The latest version is v1.3.

We have tested you file in two machines but all work fine. Do you have any trouble to run our feature demos?

Could you tell me the environment of your machine?

We tested your file in the following environment:

.Net 1.0 and 1.1
*IE 6.0

I’m using Win2K Server, IE 6, .NET 1.1 and all latest service packs
I ran my code as a console application as well as an ASPX page, but same problem.

Maybe there is a reason to find in my code? That’s why I’ve attached it to this posting. Please feel free to evaluate my Page with ASPWebMatrix’s Webserver or IIS.

The excel file you already have got. Simply put it into c:\temp.

Maybe it was the wrong file I sent to you. Here it is again…

Yes. We found the problem with the file. We will check and fix it ASAP.

In you code, you just import data from dataset and write to result file. You don’t display content of the excel file in web pages. So why not try Aspose.Excel?

So why not try Aspose.Excel?

Up from US$449

Up from US$199

Yes, Aspose.Excel is a component with more features. But for my purposes, Aspose.Excel.Web does my requirements three times :wink:
(That’s why I also asked for the Aspose.Excel.Light component)

I understand your needs now. We will check and fix this issue ASAP.

Please check and try v1.3.1 at

yes, now it's working Smile

I too am evaluating Aspose.Excel vs. Aspose.Excel.Web. The price difference for the web product makes it attractive even though I am currently only reading spreadsheets and do not use its UI functionality. I may provide UI functionality down the line but for now, the price difference is the main motivator to going with the Web product for reading spreadsheets.

I also am having trouble when trying to load a file. I am running version on and XP Pro machine. I tweaked the demo to load my file instead of the demo file and receive and Index out of bounds error on the following statement:


The file I am attempting to load is attached.

I suspect that the problem may have something to do with the complexity of this workbook. There are a lot of cross-sheet references in formulas, etc.

TIA for the prompt reply.


I downloaded your file and open it in MS Excel. MS Excel shows the following error:
“File error: data may have been lost.”.

How do you create this file?

I suspect a problem with the file upload. If I open the file that I have stored locally which was uploaded, I get no error. When I download from the link and try to open that file, I too get the error you are getting.

Let me try emailing you the file. Can you provide an email address?



Hi Joe,

Please send your file to, and your test project if possible.

See previous response about downloading the file........

Even after re-saving the downloaded file (I am using MS Excel 2002 btw), I get the same error.

Here is a little more detail about the error......

ex.Source: Aspose.Excel.Web
ex.Message: Index was outside the bounds of the array.
ex.StackTrace: at Aspose.Excel.ዏ.ॺ(MemoryStream ߓ) at Aspose.Excel.ዏ.ॺ(String ۖ) at Aspose.Excel.Web.Data.ޯ..ctor(String fileName) at Aspose.Excel.Web.Data.Ꮴ.ImportExcelFile(String fileName) at Aspose.Excel.Web.Demos._Common.Button1_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e) in c:\program files\aspose\aspose.excel.web\demos\aspose.excel.web.demo\common.aspx.cs:line 102

Also, I am currently getting the same error with the Aspose.Excel component as well.

Please let get back to me with an email address to which I can send the problem file.


Joe Crying [:'(]