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Build Excel Analytic Tool using Mondrian OLAP in Java


I wanted to decide if Aspose is capable of handling my requirement so that I can buy the Product but I am finding it very difficult to understand the features, I tried reaching out to your local office in Bangalore, India but he suggested to post a message in this support portal.

Here is my requirement:
I wanted to build an utility in Excel where it connects to Mondrian OLAP server and allows user to create cross tab (piviot) reports with in Excel. One can connect to Mondrian either by OLAP4J, MDX, XMLA/SOAP. And I am looking for implementing this in Java so I will be interested to know Aspose.cells java utility to fulfill my requirement.

Please let me know the answer as detail as possible and I appreciate if I can speak to your sales & tech team to clarify my doubts as I am looking for a re-distributable license if my requirements are fulfilled.



Well, Aspose.Cells is a pure JAVA class library used to manage Excel spreadsheets, it can create (read/write), render, convert to MS Excel file formats including XLS, XLSX, XSLM, CSV, Tab Delimited, SpreadsheetML, ODS etc. Moreover, it can render to PDF format from Excel workbooks. It does not provide any interface and works behind the scene. Please see the product page for an overview to know about the component for your reference:
See and browse through the Docs for further reference:

As I could understand you, probably you need to create some sort of MS Excel Add-ins to do the connectivity or other processing or tasks. I am afraid, Aspose.Cells does not support to create Add-ins in MS Excel rather you may only set the existing Add-in formulas in MS Excel using the relevant APIs. Moreover, if you need to write your own custom program/utility, you have to do all its connectivity with Mondrian OLAP server by yourself in your own code. Regarding creating Pivot Tables or any other MS Excel features / tasks, you may use Aspose.Cells for Java APIs accordingly. You may import data into MS Excel (file) from ResultSet, arrays, array list etc. You may also export data from MS Excel worksheets arrays too. See the documents on the above mentioned Excel features for your reference:

Let us know if I can be of any further help.

Thank you.