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After using builder.Document.Save(...) method so save the document, is there a way to know has the saving completed or is still in the process ? so that I can wait for until the document is saved and only then fetch it. ( I am talking abt the situation where we are trying to override the document with the same name and want the modified document to be fetched).

Any help would be appreciated.



Thanks for an interesting question but it perplexed me a bit. When you call the Save method, it takes the code execution and returns once saving is complete. Do you run it in another thread or something? Please give more detailed description of your scenario.

Was Document.Save returning too quickly so you could not believe that saving is complete upon its return? It is complete when Document.Save returns.

All methods in Aspose.Words are synchronous. That is when a method returns - the operation is complete.

If the method cannot complete an operation - it throws an exception.

Thread-safety is per Document and all its nodes. That is only one thread should be working with one document at a time. But there could be multiple Documents worked on at the same time.